Sunday, 28 April 2013

What's on my desk?

Hand cream – this has always been where I fall short on skincare. No matter how many tubes of hand cream I have strategically placed I always seem to have a reason not to apply it. Either I just forget completely, or I make excuses such as “I’m going to have lunch soon, I don’t want to eating a sandwich covered in cream”. The tub of Atrixo that you can see has followed me to a few different jobs over the last few years and it’s still half full! However I am getting better and I think it’s due to Soap & Glory’s Hand Food as it sinks in so quickly, yet you can “feel” it on your hands for ages afterwards.

Lip balm – I literally don’t go anywhere without it so it’s handy to have one live on my desk permanently. I should throw away the E45 one because it is utterly useless, but I figure it’s better than nothing in an emergency. The Figs & Rouge is lovely and works really well, but the lid has a habit of getting jammed on quite tightly if it lives in my bag so now it stays on my desk 24/7.

Vitamins – especially useful during the winter months when I have a tendency to feel a bit run down.

Water bottle – cos as we all know hydration is the best skincare there is

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle – I am seriously bad at bothering to reapply lipstick during the day, however I am literally in love with this lipstick and have been reapplying it practically every day after every meal at work (that makes me seem greedy – I swear I only have breakfast and lunch at work. And an afternoon snack. Oh god, I’m such a hobbit :D)

What must-haves do you keep on your desk?

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