Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Liplicious :)

I am obsessed with lip balms, due to having lips that like to chap and peel at random. Here are just a few that I've tried and tested over the years...

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: I have been using this for years as my main ‘intensive’ lip balm. I put it on just before I go to sleep to keep my lips soft and un-chapped, and can usually still feel it there the next morning. Usually I take for granted just how good it is - until I run out and have to use another one, when I wake up to find my lips drier than the desert and flaking like crazy.

Figs & Rouge: I got this in a Glossybox several months ago and it quickly became my go-to balm for top ups during the day. It provides a nice base for under lipstick without being too glossy and changing the colour too much. It also smells lovely, but I used it at night recently and wasn’t as impressed as I am with the Palmer’s.

Burt’s Bees. I recently tried this for the first time and was quite impressed. It smells good enough to eat, isn’t greasy and did a good job of keeping my lips hydrated throughout the day.

E45. I got this free with some cold and flu medicine when I was last struck by the plague. It doesn’t do a thing to either prevent or cure chapped lips.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Looking your best while feeling your worst

So it seems as though winter is well and truly on its way, and with it has come a cold. And as if the coughing and sneezing isn’t bad enough, it always comes with a side order of dry flaky skin and cracked lips. It’s so tempting to reach for a hardcore exfoliator and scrub like your life depends on it, but it won’t do your skin any good in the long run. Instead I usually reach for the miracle cure that is aloe vera. It soothes red skin and gets rid of flakiness insanely quickly. Mine is from SBC Gels, priced at £11 for 125g, but a quick search on Boots and Superdrug revealed a wide variety to choose from.


 For my lips I turn to one of Lush’s lip scrubs. They look quite dry and powdery in the pot, but they’re surprisingly gentle and feel very moisturising when using them. Plus they smell and taste great – I went for ‘Sweet Lips’ which has a chocolate taste but could quite happily have come home with all of them.

I have 2 go-to lip balms: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (are you sensing a theme yet?) and Figs & Rouge in Cherry & Vanilla. Again, both smell good enough to eat, and leave your lips feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.